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Several lubrication methods for different bearings pour point in lubricants

Oil container seepage method: This is an usual lubrication method, particularly appropriate for low to medium-speed operating environments. The self-aligning round bearing is partially immersed in lubricating oil. When the component revolves, the lubricating oil is gotten and after that flows back right into the oil sump. The oil level must be somewhat less than the center of all-time low of the round to guarantee optimal lubrication.

Oil leaking method: For bearing parts that need precise amounts of lubricating oil, the oil trickling approach is a great option. The regularity of oil dripping is generally controlled to one decline every 3 to 8 secs. Extreme lubricating oil may create the bearing temperature to rise.

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Circulation method: This approach utilizes an oil pump to move filtered lubricating oil to the bearing components. The lubricating oil, after passing through the bearing, is filteringed system and cooled down before reuse. Considering that flowing oil can efficiently remove warmth, this technique is especially appropriate for high-speed bearing components.

Spray technique: Mix completely dry pressed air and lubricating oil via a sprayer to form an oil mist and spray it onto the bearing. This approach can not only effectively lower the bearing temperature but likewise prevent the breach of contaminations. It is especially appropriate for birthing lubrication in high-speed and high-temperature atmospheres.

Shot method: Make use of an oil pump to inject high-pressure lubricating oil directly onto the bearing through a nozzle, and then the lubricating oil moves into the oil groove from the other end of the bearing. When the bearing rotates at high speed, the high-speed rotation of its rolling components and cage will certainly produce air flow. This technique can successfully use this air movement for lubrication.


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