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Notes on the use of tapered roller bearings


Notes on the use of tapered roller bearings

1. Keep tapered roller bearings and their surroundings clean.

Even small dust invisible to the naked eye will have a bad effect on bearings. Therefore, please keep the surrounding clean to prevent dust from entering the bearing.

2. Use tapered roller bearings with care.

During use, strong impact on tapered roller bearings can cause scarring and indentation, which can lead to accidents. In severe cases, it can crack or break, so be careful.

Notes on the use of tapered roller bearings

3. Use appropriate tapered roller bearing operating tools.

To avoid replacing with existing tools, you must use the appropriate tools.

4. Pay attention to the corrosion of tapered roller bearings.

When carrying bearings, sweat on the hands will lead to rust. Pay attention to clean hands, it is best to wear gloves.

Install tapered roller bearings

The mounting axial clearance of tapered roller bearings can be adjusted by adjusting nuts on the journal, adjusting washers and threads in the bearing seat holes, or by pre-tensioning springs. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of bearings during installation, the distance between bearings and the material of the shaft and the bearing seat, which can be determined according to the working conditions.

When adjusting the clearance of tapered roller bearings with high load and high speed, the influence of temperature rise must be considered in the axial clearance, and the temperature rise caused by the reduction of clearance must be estimated, that is, the axial clearance should be appropriately adjusted to a larger extent.

For low-speed vibrating bearings, no clearance installation or preload installation should be adopted. Its purpose is to make tapered roller bearing roller and raceway have good contact, uniform distribution of load, and prevent roller and raceway damage due to vibration and impact. After adjustment, check the size of the axial clearance with a dial indicator.

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