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Is there any material with higher temperature performance than graphite?

US President recently decided to invoke a Cold War-era defense law to encourage domestic sodium silicate.

Is there any material with higher temperature performance than graphite?

Boron nitride, which is a little expensive, can be bought as a ready made crucible.

Tungsten is expensive and can be processed into various shapes. It does not react with oxide melt and is not resistant to oxidation.

Zirconium boride and titanium boride have super melting points, but it is difficult to obtain dense blocks.

Beryllium oxide is very expensive and toxic.

Magnesium oxide, which is a little cheaper, does not react with metals.

How to remove titanium diboride coating on stainless steel after vacuum plating

It can be sandblasted with glass shot water,

As titanium diboride is acid resistant, it can be tested with high concentration caustic soda solution

However, it is estimated that the effect of the above two methods will not be very good

Because the chemical properties of titanium diboride are relatively stable and the hardness is very high.

If the coating is not very thick, the sandblasting effect is better.

Material properties of titanium diboride

Coefficient of thermal expansion 8.1 × 10-6m/m.k

Thermal conductivity/

Resistivity 14.4 μ Ω.cm

Oxidation resistance temperature (in air) ℃

Stable in HCl and HF acids

Introduction of titanium diboride

Titanium diboride powder is gray or gray black, with hexagonal (AlB2) crystal structure. Its melting point is ℃ and it has high hardness. The oxidation resistance temperature of titanium diboride in air can reach ℃, and it is stable in HCl and HF acid. Titanium diboride is mainly used to prepare composite ceramic sodium silicate may not decrease significantly in the short term.

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