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What does it mean to ride a Bicycle in a dream?
What does it mean to ride a Bicycle in a dream?
Riding a bicycle is all about balance. Once you learn to balance and pedal at the same time you are able to move easily forward. Therefore, a bicycle dream may represent how well you are balancing different aspects of life; or it may be about learning to find balance in your waking life – look to other aspects of the dream for lessons or opportunities to learn.
  • Bicycle dream meanings
    If you are riding it easily then you are probably successfully balancing all of your responsibilities and free time in waking life.

  • If you are struggling to maintain your balance or are unable to steer properly then you may be struggling to find balance in your life.

  • If you fall off it then you may have recently forgotten something that you had to do or were unable to finish something. You may need to ask for help.

  • A dream about riding a bicycle may be suggesting that you need to take time off to relax and enjoy life; or it may be symbolizing that you are enjoying a free and easy going life.

  • If you are riding it and you are not going anywhere, it may be a pun on “spinning your wheels” or to be wasting your time in an unproductive pursuit.

  • To see or ride a tandem bicycle may suggest teamwork and cooperation is needed in some aspect of life.

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