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What does it mean to dream of a Dragon
What does it mean to dream of a Dragon

A dragon in a dream may represent someone (possibly you) with a fiery personality; or someone that can get carried away by or lose control of their passions.
  • In Eastern religions a dream about a Dragon may symbolize Spirit, luck and fortune.

  • Fire-breathing dragon dream interpretations
    May symbolize an angry outburst by someone or someone that uses anger as a means to take control or control others.

  • May represent someone whose words can heal and provide the impetus for rebirth and rejuvenation.

  • Other dragon dreams
    A dream about riding, fighting or killing a dragon may suggest that you have overcome a fear or you are fighting back and standing your ground with someone that frightened or bullied you with their angry outbursts; or it may symbolize taking control of your own anger.

  • A komodo dragon in a dream may symbolize someone or something that you fear; or a cold-blooded, creepy, despicable person.

  • A dragonfly in a dream may represent transformation and change. A dragonfly may also represent a deceased loved one.

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