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What does it mean to dream about the Sea
What does it mean to dream about the Sea
Large bodies of water, like a sea or the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize your unconscious and your emotions.
  • Other meanings of the Ocean and Sea in a dream
    In a dream about the ocean or sea, the calmness or turbulence of the water and ocean waves can be an indication of your emotional state. For instance, a tidal wave or tsunami might suggest being overwhelmed by your emotions or you may be afraid of being swept away by the stresses in life.

  • If you are standing on the beach looking out at the water, you may be preparing to do some soul-searching; or you may be about to “dive-in” to something; or perhaps you are trying to “find yourself” within the watery realms of your unconscious.

  • Swimming in the Ocean or Sea
    If you dream of swimming underwater, then you may be exploring your unconscious, doing some soul-searching or inner work and undergoing inner changes. If you remain at the surface, you may be unwilling to dive down deeper into your unconscious.

  • Consider also how easy or difficult it is to swim. If you have a calm and easy stroke, then you are probably comfortable in your self-explorations. If you are struggling then you may be discovering some memories that are difficult to deal with or acknowledge.

  • Sinking or Drowning in the Ocean or Sea
    Drowning or sinking may symbolize feeling overwhelmed by what you are discovering in your explorations of yourself, your memories and/or emotions. You may be uncovering repressed memories and proceeding too quickly; you need to slow down and take your time. You might also consider seeking the help of a professional therapist or dreamworker.

  • Drowning or sinking may also represent financial problems or other life situations that are bringing you down emotionally; someone or something may be draining all of your energy and other resources.
Related Puns and Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some puns and common idioms related to the ocean and sea that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you interpret what your dream means to you.
  • • a drop in the ocean (an insignificant amount)
  • • oceans of something (a very large quantity)
  • • There are plenty of other fish in the sea. (There are many other choices available)
  • • Sea may be a pun on “see” (there is something in the dream that you need to pay attention)
  • • a sea change (a major change or transformation)
  • • be at sea (lost or confused)

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