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What does it mean to dream about the Beach?
What does it mean to dream about the Beach?

Being on a beach or at the shore is one of the most common dream settings. Large bodies of water, like the ocean, are usually considered to symbolize the unconscious and our emotions. We can think of dreaming as “swimming” in the ocean of the unconscious. So it would only be natural to start our swimming from the beach, which is a place of transition between the land and the ocean. A dream about a Beach then can be a metaphor for the transition between the conscious and the unconscious; or between the waking and dreaming states.
  • Beach and Shore dream meanings
    The beach may also symbolize the meeting between your two states of mind – the rational (Sand) and the emotional (Water); or the place of transition between your physical self and your spiritual self.

  • If you are relaxing on the beach, the dream may be compensating for being overworked or overstressed in waking life or it may be telling you that you just need to be more calm and relaxed about a waking life situation.

  • If you are standing on the beach looking at the ocean, you may be preparing to do some soul-searching; or you may be about to “dive-in” to something; or perhaps you are trying to “find yourself” within the waters of the unconscious.

  • Meaning of a Beach House in a dream
    A house in dream usually represents you, the dreamer, or your physical body (the house of your soul). A beach house may symbolize the same thing.

  • If you are in the house you are prepared to, or you are in the process of, exploring your unconscious and/or repressed memories and/or emotions. Seeing or are looking at it from the outside may suggest that you need to look at yourself or explore your emotions and memories more closely.

  • A beach house may also represent fun and relaxation – perhaps it’s time for a vacation?
Related Puns and Metaphors to Consider
Shore can be a pun on “sure” as in, “It’s a sure thing.” You can also “draw a line in the sand” and imply that there will be trouble if it is crossed; or you can “bury your head in the sand,” and ignore something obvious. But no matter what you do or don’t do, the “sands of time” will continue to fall and mark the passing of time – is your time running out on something?

Questions to ask yourself to help you determine your beach dream meaning
  • • What is the state of the ocean – is it calm, pleasant, forbidding, etc.?
  • • Who or what else is on the beach or in the water?
  • • Is it daytime or night?
  • • What is the weather like?

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