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What Does It Mean To Dream About Mice
What Does It Mean To Dream About Mice
  • A dream about mice may represent life’s little annoyances.

  • May symbolize small or insignificant problems that can be detrimental or do more harm than you might believe.

  • May symbolize an unhealthy situation.

  • To see them running away may indicate that you have a tendency to run and hide instead of facing and dealing with your problems.

  • A mouse in a dream meaning
    May represent something small that you fear or that distresses you.

  • May suggest being timid or meek and afraid to assert yourself.

  • May suggest that you are playing “cat and mouse” with someone or being evasive and continually running away.

  • It may be asking, “Are you a man or a mouse?”

  • To see a mouse eating may suggest someone is feeding off of you or slowly using up your resources.

  • A dead mouse in a dream
    May symbolize a small problem or issue that you have ignored for too long.

  • May be an indication that you have overcome a fear, asserted yourself or dealt with a minor issue or problem.

  • A mousetrap in a dream
    May represent feeling trapped.

  • May symbolize being “caught” at something.

  • The dream may be offering a solution to a long standing problem and shown you a way to “build a better mousetrap”.

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