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What Does It Mean To Dream About Ice
What Does It Mean To Dream About Ice
Ice in a dream may symbolize being emotionally cold or distant, or sexually inhibited or frigid.
  • Dreaming of Ice may be telling you that you need to “break the ice” and start up a conversation with someone.

  • May suggest a need to “chill out” or “cool off”.

  • May represent something that is “on ice” -- suspended or on hold.

  • You may be involved in a risky situation and “on thin ice”.

  • May be a result of feeling physically cold because of the temperature in the room where you are sleeping.

  • What you know about something may be just be the “tip of the iceberg” and there is more hidden below the surface.

  • Ice may also be a reference to diamonds or cocaine.

  • Slipping on Ice dream meaning
    To slip on ice in your dreams may suggest you are in a slippery situation in waking life or something may be about to slip away from you.

  • Alternately, you may be afraid of ‘slipping up’ or making a mistake, or you already have.

  • Ice Skating dream meaning
    If you dream of ice skating, you may be “skating on thin ice” -- you are in a risky situation or taking chances in waking life.

  • May suggest you are “skating around” an issue rather than dealing with it directly.

  • If you dream of falling through the ice
    You may be holding back your emotions for too long and are afraid you will lose control.

  • You may be having an emotional breakthrough.

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