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What Does It Mean To Dream About An Engagement
What Does It Mean To Dream About An Engagement
To receive a proposal of marriage or engagement in a dream may symbolize your desire for love, commitment and/or security in waking life.
  • May be referring to your current relationship; you may be having second thoughts -- would your response be the same now?

  • A dream of an engagement may also be a reminder of an upcoming commitment, event, meeting, obligation or promise that you made.

  • An engagement may also refer to a battle or hostile encounter.

  • A proposal may also be a reference to a business proposal.

  • Engagement Ring in Dreams
    A dream about an engagement ring may be a result of anticipating or desiring a proposal or popping the question yourself.

  • A broken engagement ring or one without a diamond may represent a broken promise, problems in your relationship or a warning that something is missing in your relationship.

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