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What Does it Mean to Dream About a Camera
What Does it Mean to Dream About a Camera

A camera in a dream may suggest a need to focus on or look closer at something important that you are overlooking.
  • May symbolize the need to see the ‘big picture’.

  • To use or see a camera in a dream may symbolize your perspective or viewpoint on something. You may be only seeing one point of view or you may be trying to figure out your viewpoint on something.

  • May suggest something is developing or becoming clearer.

  • If someone else is using the camera it may be highlighting their perspective.

  • A video or surveillance camera
    May represent your conscience and suggest a need to look at or reevaluate your actions.

  • May represent a fear of being watched or scrutinized.
Questions to Ask Yourself to Interpret Your Camera Dream
  • • Who has the camera?
  • • What are they taking a picture of?
  • • Who is in the picture?

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