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What does it mean to be drunk in a dream
What does it mean to be drunk in a dream
  • You may be feeling you have no control over your life or that someone else is controlling you.

  • Dreaming of drinking too much alcohol may be a warning you are drinking too much in waking life and you may be jeopardizing your health, your job and/or your relationships.

  • Being intoxicated in a dream may mean you are over-worked and over-tired; or you may be confused or out of touch with reality. You may need a break or some rest and relaxation.

  • You may be feeling “high” or very happy about some waking life situation or relationship; you may be celebrating a major life event.

  • Driving Drunk in a Dream Meaning
    Dreaming you are DUI/DWI or "driving under the influence" may be a warning that you are endangering yourself and others by driving while drunk in waking life.

  • May symbolize you are not thinking clearly about your future plans and what is on the road ahead of you; you may be losing control of your life and goals.

  • Being drunk in a dream may represent being irresponsible or out-of-control in waking life; may symbolize careless behavior, a lack of awareness; or not thinking clearly.

  • A dream about getting drunk may suggest you are trying to escape from or ignore a bad situation in waking life.

  • May represent your behavior when socializing with your friends and giving control of yourself and your plans to someone else; you are not taking responsibility for your own actions and behavior.

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