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What does it mean if I dream of something that is Missing or Missed
What does it mean if I dream of something that is Missing or Missed

Whether a mode of transportation, a meeting, an object, or a person, remember that the “something” or “someone” that is missing or missed may be representing something or someone else. Be sure to read the possible interpretations below for whatever is missing in your dream.
  • As in waking life, the word ‘missing’ in a dream suggests:
    • a failure to do something

  • • being lost

  • • omitting or forgetting something

  • • avoiding or escaping

  • Figures of Speech and Puns to Consider
    No matter what is missed or missing, consider these metaphors and figures of speech we use that reference missing that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you determine what your dream means to you.

  • • The missing piece (a key piece of information that is missing).

  • • Missing the mark (to be off target).

  • • Missing the boat (to be wrong).

  • • Missing the point (not understanding).

  • • Missing out (to fail to participate or take part in).

  • • Missing-in-action (absent or not where someone is supposed to be).

  • • Without missing a beat (continue confidently).

  • • A near miss (an accident that was barely avoided).

  • • May be a pun for "Miss" (a young woman).

  • • Miss Goody Two Shoes (a girl or woman who always seems to do the right thing; someone that is too good or too virtuous; a self-righteous person)

  • Missing a plane/train/bus/boat may represent:
    • a missed opportunity in life

  • • being unprepared for some situation or event

  • • a loss of control or feeling disconnected

  • • a miscalculation in timing or planning

  • • being disorganized

  • • an unwillingness to cooperate or connect with others

  • • procrastination or an unwillingness or fear to move on or forward

  • • a desire to break free from the standards and expectations of others

  • • anxiety about an upcoming trip or event

  • Ask yoursef these questions to help you interpret your dream about missing a plane/train/bus/boat:
    • Where am I trying to go?

  • • What are the repercussions of missing this plane/train, etc.?

  • • Is there someone else with me?

  • • What caused me to miss this plane/train, etc.?

  • • Am I accepting responsibility for missing this plane/train, etc., or am I blaming someone else?

  • A missing article or object may suggest:
    • being out of control

  • • that you are lacking an important piece of information or knowledge

  • • being lost or confused

  • • the dream may be in response to something you lost during the day and there may be a clue as to where it is

  • Ask yourself these questions to help you interpret your dream about a missing article or object
    • What is missing?

  • • What is the significance of this object?

  • • Who gave it to me?

  • • Where did I last see this object?

  • A missing person may represent:
    • something that is missing within yourself

  • • an aspect of yourself that you are refusing to see or acknowledge

  • • something that is missed or missing between you and this person in waking life

  • • there may be a lack of communication or understanding between you

  • • you may be missing them or feeling their loss or absence from your life

  • Ask yourself these questions to help you interpret your dream about a missing person
    • Who is this person?

  • • Is there something missing between us or in our relationship?

  • • What part of me may they be representing as something that is missing within me?

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