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What does dreaming of Cancer mean
What does dreaming of Cancer mean
  • In waking life cancer’s negative cells grow and eat away at the good cells in your body. In dreams, it can be a metaphor for some kind of negativity that is eating away at you. It may be your negative thoughts or behavior or it may be a negative or toxic person or relationship that is eating away at your happiness and your life. Where the cancer appears in your dream may provide more insight.

  • Alternately, it may suggest you are feeling like your life is wasting away and you are full of self-pity and hopelessness.

  • If you dream of someone else having cancer, it may indicate that you are harboring anger, jealousy or other negative emotions towards them. It may be time to forgive and forget as you are projecting your negativity on to them and you are really hurting yourself.

  • If something is said to be cancerous it means that it is negative and spreads very quickly and so cancer in a dream may be symbolizing something negative that is spreading quickly, such as a lie, gossip, bad news, etc.

  • It is also possible that the dream may be prodromal and is a warning of a physical cancer, which needs immediate medical attention. Be sure to share the specific location with your doctor.

  • Cancer may also represent someone born under the sign of Cancer the Crab, June 22 - July 22. Consider the attributes of a Cancerean. Perhaps you need to incorporate their positive aspects into yourself and release the negative ones. People born under Cancer are sensitive, imaginative, sympathetic, kind and intuitive. Home and family are important to them. Their emotions shift quickly and they can be temperamental and crabby.
Questions to ask yourself
  • • Who says the word cancer?
  • • Where is the ‘cancer’ located?
  • • Is there any cure or treatment suggested?

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