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What does dreaming of being in a Restaurant mean
What does dreaming of being in a Restaurant mean
Being in a restaurant or a diner in a dream may be a metaphor for "being served" or "serving others". It may also suggest that you are seeking emotional or spiritual nourishment, or food for thought.
  • May be a reference to your social life or relationships, or a reference to an incident that happened in a restaurant.

  • When you dream of being in a restaurant, consider what type of restaurant it is and where you are in the restaurant and what you are doing. Also consider the different people, the roles they play and how they may be representing different aspects of yourself or someone in your life.

  • Types of Restaurant
    A fast food restaurant may suggest you need to do something faster – or it may be warning that you are going too fast and need to slow down. It may also be a reference to being on a budget or spending less money.

  • A “family diner” may suggest the dream is a reference to your family, family dynamics and/or family relationships.

  • A “sit-down” restaurant may suggest a need to sit down and take it easy or think something over.

  • A “fancy” restaurant may suggest being extravagant or over-indulgent; or may be a reference to an important occasion or event.

  • The Waiter/Waitress
    May represent service or serving others.

  • May symbolize taking orders.

  • May be representing you, if you are devoting all of your time and effort to serving others. It may be a warning that you are neglecting yourself.

  • May also be suggesting that you need to be of service to others as part of your life work.

  • May suggest that you need to wait or be patient in some aspect of life.

  • The Busboy
    May represent someone that is always cleaning up after you.

  • May represent you, if you are always cleaning up after others.

  • The Maitre d'
    The Maitre d’ may be a guide or represent someone that is showing you where to go to be served or to get what you need or want.

  • Pay attention to any directions or message the Maitre d’ says to you and consider how it may relate to you or a waking life situation.

  • Patrons or Customers
    May represent being served.

  • May symbolize giving orders or asking for what you want.

  • A patron may represent being patronizing.

  • A patron or customer may represent something customary.

  • The Menu
    The menu may represent the choices you have in a decision you need to make. You may be trying to decide on the most appetizing or appealing of your choices. You be looking for something “meatier” or “sweeter”.

  • Pay attention to anything on the menu that pops out at you. For instance, if the chicken dishes are what you notice then it may be telling you that you are afraid of something or you may be afraid of making the wrong choice; and if you notice the Lamb dish, it may be that you are being too meek; or maybe you need to steak/stake your claim. Consider your associations to whatever you notice.

  • The menu may also hold a message that should be heeded.
Questions to ask yourself to help you determine the meaning of your dream about a restaurant
  • • What is the name of the restaurant?
  • • Is it familiar to me in waking life?
  • • Who else is with me and what are they doing?
  • • What role am I playing -- a waiter/waitress, busboy, maître d’ or a patron?
  • • How dark or light is it? (Am I able to “see” or understand something?)

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