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What does dreaming about someone being abducted mean?
What does dreaming about someone being abducted mean?
  • To be kidnapped or abducted in your dream may suggest that you may be feeling manipulated by someone or have lost control of some aspect of your life.

  • One aspect of yourself may be controlling another aspect. For instance, you are allowing your head to rule your heart.

  • You may be feeling forced into growing up or leaving your childhood or childhood beliefs behind you.

  • To witness an abduction
    May symbolize feeling helpless or unable to take action in a waking life situation.

  • To see a child kidnapped
    May suggest that you are maturing and leaving your own childhood behind you.

  • You may be recognizing and releasing a childish behavior, belief or habit.

  • To see your own child abducted
    May reflect waking life concerns for their safety.

  • May symbolize your anxiety about your child maturing too soon.

  • May suggest that at least some part of you doesn’t want them to grow up.

  • To dream that you are abducting someone
    May suggest that you are forcing your needs, desires or opinions on to someone else in waking life.

  • You may be unwilling to let something go or release someone from your life.

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