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What does an elevator or an escalator mean in a dream
What does an elevator or an escalator mean in a dream

Elevators and escalators go up and down and so they may represent anything in waking life that rises and falls or goes up and down – finances, emotions, promotions, etc. In general, the up and down motion of the elevator may represent the ups and downs of your life; or it may symbolize the emotions and thoughts emerging out of and submerging into your unconscious.
  • The movement of the elevator going up and down in the elevator shaft may be a metaphor for a sexual intercourse.

  • If the elevator or escalator is going up
    It may indicate that you have risen to a higher level of consciousness; you are seeing things from a higher perspective; your plans or goals are moving ahead; or it may symbolize a raise or promotion.

  • If the elevator or escalator is descending
    It may symbolize descending into the unconscious; becoming more grounded; you may be coming back down to reality; or it may signify a setback in your plans.

  • If the elevator or escalator gets stuck or stops
    It may suggest that you are feeling stuck in some aspect of your life: your career, a relationship, your education, etc; or a plan or project, goal or project has come to a standstill.

  • If you can’t get on the elevator or elevator
    If it is broken, you may to overcome an obstacle or you may need to work harder to attain a goal.

  • If there are many others ahead of you waiting to get on it you may need to be more patient and add additional time into your plans.

  • If the elevator is out of control
    If it crashes through the roof, it may indicate that you are being put into a new elevated position and are feeling unprepared to deal with the new responsibilities.

  • If it is plummeting, it may symbolize a fear of losing control or an inability to get to the level you want to reach.

  • If the elevator is moving sideways
    It may symbolize being unproductive; you may be feeling like your career or a relationship is going nowhere; you may have reached a plateau in some area of life – a diet/exercise or weight loss program, personal/spiritual growth, your career, etc.

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