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What does a Lizard in a Dream Mean
What does a Lizard in a Dream Mean

A lizard in a dream may represent your basic instincts and reactions; or may symbolize one or more fears and how you are, or are not, dealing with them.
  • It may represent someone that you see as "cold-blooded" or “thick-skinned”.

  • Since it sheds its skin, it may also represent rebirth and renewal.

  • The shape of its body may be a phallic symbol.

  • A Lizard Crawling
    May symbolize someone that is sneaking around or keeping a low profile.

  • Seeing one crawling on the ground may symbolize being well grounded.

  • Seeing it crawl into a hole may symbolize sexual intercourse or repressed sexual desires.

  • Running away from a Lizard
    May suggest you are running away from, or you may be in denial about, something or someone that frightens you.

  • You may be denying or not trusting your natural gut instincts or intuition.

  • Attacking a Lizard
    May symbolize an inner conflict – you may be battling with yourself over trusting your instincts or intuition

  • May symbolize overcoming, or a need to overcome, a fear.

  • Capturing a Lizard
    May symbolize overcoming a fear or learning to trust your instincts or intuition.

  • Holding it in your hand may symbolize masturbation.

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