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What does a dream about Luggage mean
What does a dream about Luggage mean
  • Dreams about luggage may symbolize the emotional baggage you carry from your past into your current relationships.

  • May represent the burdens, responsibilities, need and worries that you carry around and which often interfere with your life and relationships.

  • May suggest a need for a vacation or to get away from waking life situations for a little while.

  • The contents of your Luggage
    May represent your identity, who you are and who you portray to the world.

  • May represent your belongings and, metaphorically, how/where you feel you belong in your professional or social circles.

  • Packing Luggage
    Dreaming of packing a suitcase or luggage may suggest you are preparing for some change or transition in life.

  • You may be in need of, or you may be anticipating, taking a vacation.

  • May symbolize putting the past behind you or putting it into “storage” so you cannot or do not keep thinking about it.

  • Unpacking Luggage
    Dreaming of unpacking a suitcase or luggage may symbolize arriving at a destination – where you belong.

  • You may have reached a goal or undergone a change within yourself or some aspect of life and you are ready to settle down.

  • Lost Luggage
    A dream about losing your luggage may symbolize a loss of personal identity or belonging.

  • You may be feeling lost.

  • You may be ready for change and prepared to redefine or “find yourself”.

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