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What does a dream about being chased or running mean
What does a dream about being chased or running mean

Being chased and running are among the most common dreams reported and are probably remembered often because we are anxious and afraid when we wake. Many times we cannot even identify what we is chasing us or what we are running from or to.
  • Being chased
    May symbolize running away from or avoiding something because you are afraid of facing or accepting it in waking life.

  • You may be in denial about some aspect of yourself or something that you said or did.

  • Being chased by an unknown person or thing may suggest that you are afraid of being caught for something you said or did.

  • May represent a desire to be pursued or courted by someone.

  • May be a pun on "being chaste," virginal or innocent.

  • Chasing after someone or something
    May suggest that you are trying to catch up to someone or something.

  • May symbolize a desire to overcome something such as a fear or some obstacle in life.

  • Running
    May symbolize being in a hurry. The dream may be telling you that you need to either slow down or act quicker in waking life.

  • Running may also represent your determination to reach or find something, such as a goal or ideal. Consider where you are running or what you are chasing after.

  • Someone or something running towards you may represent your willingness to confront and deal with a situation.

  • Running in a race may symbolize your competitive nature and/or your determination to win.

  • If you are a runner in waking life, you may be re-experiencing your “runner’s high”.

  • If you’re not a runner it may be telling you that you need more exercise.
Related Puns and Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some puns and common idioms related to chasing and running that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you interpret what your dream means to you.
  • • may be a pun on someone named "Chase"
  • • chase something down (to search for or track something down)
  • • chase someone/something away (force someone or something to leave)
  • • cut to the chase (get to the point; focus on the important detail)
  • • Go chase yourself! (Go away and leave me alone!)
  • • a wild-goose chase (a worthless or futile pursuit)
  • • a paper chase (dealing with all the paperwork and bureaucracy in order to obtain something)
  • • chase the dragon (take heroin)
  • • always chasing rainbows (unrealistically looking for something more exciting or rewarding)
  • • like a dog chasing its tail (appear to be busy, but not accomplishing anything meaningful)
  • • in the running (you have a chance of winning)
  • • up and running (working properly)
  • • running on empty (to continue to work even though you have no energy left)
Questions to ask yourself
  • • Am I running away or towards something?
  • • Do I know what is after me?
  • • What am I really afraid of?

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