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What does a dream about Animals mean?
What does a dream about Animals mean?
Animals in dreams generally symbolize basic or instinctual actions, behaviors and emotions. These instincts, behaviors and emotions are usually repressed in the shadow side of our personalities because they are deemed unacceptable and so go unacknowledged during the day.
  • The animals in your dreams may represent character traits or behavior that you exhibit during the day that are similar.

  • To understand what it means to you, consider the specific animal, where it is and what it is doing. What trait comes to your mind when you think of it?

  • Your answer may be indicative of the instinct or emotion you may be repressing or the behavior you are expressing during the day. For instance, if you think of cats as being feminine or intuitive, then dreaming of cats may suggest that you are repressing your feminine side or sexuality. If you think of lions as ferocious, then you may be releasing your anger towards others. The animal may also be representing someone else that is exhibiting this behavior or trait in waking life.

  • Look up the possible meanings of the specific animal for further insight.
Related Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some common idioms related to animals that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you interpret what your dream means to you.
  • • A party animal (someone who likes to go to parties).
  • • fix an animal (surgically remove its reproductive organs).
  • • put an animal to sleep (mercifully kill it before it dies painfully).
  • • take an animal in (bring it home; shelter and provide it with food).
  • • put an animal out (send it or let it go outside of the house).

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