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What does a Car mean in a dream
What does a Car mean in a dream
  • A car, like all modes of transportation, may be addressing how you are handling the path you are on in life, how fast you are moving and how much you are in control.

  • May be an expression of freedom.

  • May symbolize your drive, motivation or ambition in life.

  • May represent your body, your Self, your Ego or your Persona (how you allow others to see you).

  • An ‘automobile’ may suggest the need to be on your own and responsible for yourself.

  • The condition of the body of the car and its engine may be a metaphor for your health or your life in general.

  • Types of Cars
    The body type may be symbolizing your physical body and your feelings and associations to your body and/or your Self. Consider whether it is 
    • Sleek or large? 
    • Old or new? 
    • Scratched or dented? 
    • Shiny or dull?

  • Specific types of cars may represent other aspects of how you see yourself or your life. For instance:

  • • A station wagon may symbolize family; or may represent room to carry a lot of burdens and responsibilities.

  • • A sporty 2-door may suggest a more independent life; or may symbolize youth and playfulness.

  • • A convertible might suggest being open-minded; or may suggest being easy to manipulate or convince.

  • • A sedan might suggest conformance; or may symbolize being conservative.

  • The size of the vehicle
    May symbolize how powerful or “big” you feel or how big some issue or aspect of life is feeling to you. For instance, a Volkswagon Beetle suggests a totally different feeling compared to a Chevy Suburban or Dodge Durango.

  • Consider its color
    Consider the possible meanings and your personal associations to the color of the car and its interior.

  • If you are the Driver
    How well you are driving may symbolize how well you are controlling or navigating your way through life.

  • You may be taking charge and directing or controlling the passengers, if any.

  • If you are a passenger
    It may suggest that you are going along for the ride.

  • You may be allowing someone else to make decisions or control at least one aspect of your life.

  • You may be a “backseat driver” and giving directions or advice when you can’t see or know everything that is ahead.

  • If your car is lost or stolen
    You may be feeling lost or disorganized.

  • You may forgotten something important in some aspect of life

  • You may be feeling some aspect of yourself or your life is no longer under your control.

  • You may be angry about some loss in your life and you are blaming others.

  • Running out of gas
    May suggest feeling tired, over-worked or stressed out.

  • May symbolize a lack of resources needed to complete a project or get you where you want or need to go.
Questions to ask yourself:
  • • Am I the driver or a passenger?
  • • How fast am I going?
  • • Am I in control of the car?
  • • Do I know where I am going?
  • • What are the road conditions?

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