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What does a Blanket mean in a dream
What does a Blanket mean in a dream
  • A blanket in a dream may symbolize warmth. You may be getting or giving someone the cold-shoulder in waking life and are looking for warmth. Alternately, the temperature in the room may have dropped and you are physically feeling cold and in need of warmth.

  • It may symbolize shelter or protection. You may be feeling threatened physically or emotionally in waking life and you are seeking protection or comfort.

  • It may suggest that you are covering up something. You may be embarrassed or have a guilty conscience and you are covering it up.

  • It may symbolize hiding something or keeping a secret.

  • It may symbolize love. You may be feeling lonely or in need of comfort from someone.

  • Wrapping yourself in a blanket may symbolize being afraid of what you can’t see in the dark or what lies ahead in your future.

  • A baby blanket may symbolize a need to comfort your inner child; or may symbolize a need to or desire to provide more comfort to your child.
Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some common idioms related to a blanket that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you interpret what the blanket in your dream means to you.
  • • a safety/security blanket (something that gives a feeling of security or peace of mind)
  • • a wet blanket (someone who spoils other's fun)
Questions to ask yourself to help you determine what your dream means to you
  • • Where is the blanket?
  • • Whose blanket is it?
  • • How do I feel when I am under the blanket?
  • • Am I alone under the blanket?
  • • What color is the blanket and what are my associations to this color?
  • • Is there a pattern on the blanket?

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