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What do the people in dreams mean
What do the people in dreams mean
The characters or people in dreams can mean or represent many different things depending upon whether they are known or unknown to you and/or your relationship and recent interactions with them in waking life.
  • People you know in waking life
    May represent themselves in your dreams. When they do, there may be an issue between you that needs to be addressed in waking life and the issue will be the main theme of the dream.

  • Alternately, a current life issue or concern may be similar to a past one in which they may have played part.

  • More often though, people in dreams represent different aspects of yourself. The person is then a projection of a positive or negative character trait or flaw -- possibly a shadow aspect of yourself (a part of you that you prefer not to acknowledge or don’t recognize.)

  • The trick is to identify that positive trait or negative shadow -- what specific trait or word comes to mind when you think of this person? What's their profession or job title? What were they doing the last time you saw them? Consider their name or what they are called. Is there a play on words or reference hidden there?

  • Strangers in your dreams
    May represent aspects of yourself that you have not yet recognized, or you are denying or repressing.

  • They may be people that you met in passing during the day but didn’t notice because they were not significant or important enough at the time.

  • They may be guides that have come to help you.

  • Strangers may also represent someone that acts strangely or something that is strange to you.

  • Identifying the People in Your Dreams
    In all likelihood, you will have people in most of your dreams. Therefore, identifying them for who they are is crucial to understanding your dreams. You will probably be able to associate many of the people in your dreams to a specific archetype, or a pattern of behavior. Here’s a very brief list of common archetypes to consider. There are many, many more.

  • Addict, Artist, Athlete, Bully, Coward, Gambler, Good Samaritan, Gossip, Healer, Hermit, Judge, Liar, Martyr, Nurse, Procrastinator, Rebel, Snoop, Thief, Tyrant, Victim

  • The Anima and the Animus
    In Jungian Psychology, the Anima is the inner, feminine side of the man and the Animus is the inner, masculine side, of a woman. The Anima and Animus are often repressed or denied by the dreamer. Recognizing and accepting this aspect of yourself is an important step in the process of maturing, or individuation as Carl Jung would call it, which is why they appear in your dreams so often, disguised as characters.
Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some common idioms related to death and dying that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you determine the interpretation of your dream.
  • • People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. (Don’t accuse someone of something that you are guilty of yourself.)
  • • Some people (just) don't know when to quit. (Some people will never give up or continue doing what they are doing.
  • • Any friend of his is a friend of mine. (If he likes or trusts you, than I believe you are worth liking or trusting, too.)
  • • Fair-weather friends. (People that stand by you only during good times.)
  • • Friend or foe? (Are they for you or against you?)
  • • Friends in high places. (To know important people.)
  • • With friends like that, who needs enemies? (When a friend hurts or betrays you.)
Questions to consider
  • • What part of me may this person be representing?
  • • What trait or word comes to mind when I think of this person?
  • • What is their profession or job title?
  • • Consider her name or what she is called. Is there a play on words or reference hidden there?

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