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What do Nails mean in a dream
What do Nails mean in a dream

Nails in a dream may be a reference to “nails” (as in a fastener) or to fingernails or toenails. Keep in mind that whichever one of these appears in your dream may be a pun on one of the others, so meanings of all them should be considered.
  • Nails (fasteners) in a dream
    May symbolize hard work, physical labor, masculine energy and strength.

  • May represent the resources needed to make repairs or finish a project.

  • May suggest you are sealing or closing something off within yourself.

  • A nail may be a phallic symbol.

  • Hammering Nails
    May represent an ability to drive a hard bargain.

  • May symbolize a release of pent up or repressed anger.

  • May be a pun on being “hammered” or drunk.

  • May symbolize persistence, an argument or an interrogation.

  • Stepping on a Nail
    May represent an obstacle in your path.

  • May symbolize something that hurt when trying to reach a goal or accomplish something.

  • May suggest a need to be more careful of the steps you are taking and where you are going.

  • Fingernails in a dream
    May represent self-protection.

  • May suggest being alert and on the defensive.

  • Polishing/painting your Nails or getting a manicure
    May symbolize vanity.

  • May symbolize your Persona or a desire to make yourself look more presentable to others.

  • May symbolize feminine energy and sexuality.

  • Long, polished fingernails may symbolize a life of leisure, glamour or wealth.

  • Short, dirty fingernails may symbolize hard, manual labor or may suggest that you are neglecting yourself or your health.

  • Breaking a nail may suggest you let your guard down and you got hurt.

  • Your fingernails falling off
    May represent a need to protect a small detail about yourself or in your life.

  • May symbolize holding something back from others to protect yourself or what is yours.

  • If you lose a toenail, you may be forgetting a small, but important, detail.

  • Painting or polishing your toenails may symbolize you are trying to put your best foot forward to impress someone.
Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some common idioms related to nails that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you determine what your dream about nails means to you.
  • • Nailed down (conclusively established; fixed or set).
  • • Getting nailed (having sex; to get caught).
  • • Hit the nail on the head (to be right or do something the right way).
  • • As hard as nails (to have no feelings or sympathy for others).
  • • A nail in someone's coffin (something that will destroy someone).
  • • Nail someone to the wall (to punish or hurt someone because you're angry with them).
  • • Hang on by your fingernails (barely avoid failure).
  • • Fight tooth and nail. (Fight fiercely and with all available resources.)

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