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What do Keys mean in a dream
What do Keys mean in a dream
  • In waking life keys are used to open or lock something up. In dreams they do the same. A key in a dream may symbolize opening yourself up to new ideas, opportunities, perspectives, knowledge, etc.; or may be unlocking secrets and memories that have been repressed deep inside the unconscious.

  • Alternately, key dreams may be representing something that you are locking away (repressing) or denying to yourself; or something you are hiding from or lying about to others. “Something” may include emotions, thoughts, secrets, memories, facts, etc.

  • May represent something that is important or critical -- a piece of knowledge or information, a document or file, etc.

  • It may be pointing to the meaning of the dream itself or the waking life situation the dream is dealing with.

  • Giving someone a key may symbolize opening your heart and soul to them and sharing secrets and the intimate aspects of yourself.

  • Interpretation of Losing and Finding Keys in Dreams
    Losing a key may symbolize missing or forgetting an important detail or piece of information. Losing keys may mean you are experiencing much frustration in waking life.

  • Lost keys may also represent feeling lost or feeling a loss of control, power or authority in some aspect of life; may also symbolize a lost or missed opportunity.

  • Finding a key may symbolize finding the solution to a problem or you may have discovered some new aspect of yourself or new insight into yourself or someone or something else.

  • If you have recently lost or misplaced something in waking life, the dream may be showing you where it is.
Figures of Speech to Consider
These are some common idioms related to keys that may or may not make sense in the context of your dream. You may think of others which can help you interpret your key dream and what it means to you.
  • • Keyed up about/over something (to be excited or anxious about/over something).
  • • The key to success (a secret to being successful at something).
  • • Under lock and key (locked up securely).
  • • Off-key (out of tune; not in harmony with others).
  • • Low key (not showy).
Questions to ask yourself to help you determine what your dream means to you
  • • Whose keys are they?
  • • What does the key open or close?
  • • Where is the key?
  • • Who has the keys? They may hold the “key” to understanding the dream or solution to a waking life situation.

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