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What do Grandparents mean in a dream
What do Grandparents mean in a dream
Your grandparents in a dream may represent love, protection, wisdom, family values and tradition. Your grandmother may be the archetypal Wise Old Woman and your grandfather may be the archetypal Wise Old Man.
  • A dream of your grandmother and/or your grandfather may represent unconditional love and acceptance.

  • Consider the qualities and characteristics that exist in your own grandparents, it may be that you are recognizing these aspects in yourself or that they are missing within you and you are striving or desiring to be more like them.

  • If you are a woman
    Your grandmother may represent an older, wiser aspect of yourself or the part of you that loves and accepts yourself as you are.

  • Your grandfather may represent your animus, the masculine aspect of yourself that is more assertive, courageous, decisive and achievement oriented.

  • If you are a man
    Your grandmother may represent your anima, the feminine aspect of yourself that is more loving, nurturing, compassionate, gentle and intuitive.

  • Your grandfather may represent an aspect of yourself that loves and accepts you as you are; or he may symbolize the man that you want to be.

  • Your grandmother or grandfather dying
    May be a warning that their time on earth is limited and you need to reach out to them.

  • It may suggest that you are rejecting their values and beliefs or you are rejecting some aspect of them within yourself.

  • You may be feeling that you are not worthy of their unconditional love and support.

  • Your deceased grandmother or grandfather
    May be a visitation dream. They may have a message, warning or advice that want to convey, or they may just want to let you know that they are OK on the other side.

  • May also be a result of you missing them and wishing they were still here with you, especially if you are still grieving their loss and think about them often while you are awake.

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