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Dream meaning of Toilet
Dream meaning of Toilet
  • 1 The toilet itself may be dealing with your ability or inability to eliminate problems, relationships, emotions, etc. If the toilet won't flush or is clogged, you may be unwilling or unable to release your emotions or express yourself. An overflowing toilet may represent an emotional outburst or you may be feeling overwhelmed by your emotions and the stresses in life.

  • 2 Toilet Paper - Having toilet paper may suggest you need to clean up a dirty mess; or you have the resources you need to complete a dirty job. Toilet paper may also suggest that you are on a "roll". Having no toilet paper available when you need it may be an indication that you are lacking the resources or support you need in waking life.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 down the toilet (wasted)

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