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Dream meaning of Storm
Dream meaning of Storm
  • 1 Dreaming of Rain and/or stormy skies may suggest depression or sadness. When trying to determine your Rain dream meaning consider how you feel about the rain and whether you are outside in the rain or watching it from inside, if it is pouring or drizzling, if there is thunder and lightning? You may be standing, walking or dancing in the rain and it feels cleansing and joyful, or it may just leave you feeling cold and “all wet” or wrong. A light ran, drizzle or shower may suggest a negative mood or situation is passing quickly by or it is quickly passing. Dreaming of an umbrella may be suggesting that you have the resources you need to protect yourself from a negative situation or your emotions are under your control. Dreaming about rain falling as you watch it from inside may suggest you are not allowing yourself to fully feel your emotions; or you may be seeing a difficult time coming ahead.

  • 2 Dreaming of a raging storm with heavy winds and heavy rains may represent repressed anger or rage being released; or turmoil or conflict in your waking life. Dreaming of thunder may be bringing your attention to something – are you listening – do you hear that? Dreaming of lightening may represent enlightenment, insight, or an illumination of something; or it may represent something that you find shocking.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 weather the storm (to experience and survive a storm)

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