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Dream meaning of Sleeping
Dream meaning of Sleeping
  • 1 May represent emotional and/or mental exhaustion or a need for more sleep.

  • 2 May symbolize being unaware of what's going on around me in waking life.

  • 3 May symbolize an unwillingness to open your eyes to a situation.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 Can do it in you sleep (it's easy to do).
  • 2 Let sleeping dogs lie. (Bringing up the past will only cause trouble.)
  • 3 [Don't] lose sleep over something ([don't] worry about something).
  • 4 Sleep around (to have sex with many different partners).
  • 5 Sleep on it (don’t make a quick decision; an answer may come in a dream).
  • 6 Asleep at the switch/wheel. (Not paying attention; not be doing what you should be doing.)
Questions to ask yourself:
  • 1 What am I not seeing or closing my eyes to?
  • 2 Am I tired or need a break from everyone and everything?

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