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Dream meaning of Rooms
Dream meaning of Rooms
  • 1 The unconscious is often thought of as being divided into rooms where we keep or hide different memories or aspects of ourselves. Opening a door and entering a room may signify a willingness to enter and face what is in the room.

  • 2 A locked room may suggest a part of you that you are unwilling to face at the moment. What's in that room?

  • 3 Newly discovered rooms may suggest you are opening up to new possibilities or spiritual areas of growth; or you may be discovering new talents or aspects of yourself. Hidden rooms may suggest secrets or repressed memories.

  • 4 Consider the specific room you are in for further insight. You might also consider your answers to the following: 1) What happens in this room in waking life? 2) How is the room furnished? 3) Is it clean or disorganized?
Questions to ask yourself:
  • 1 What room are you in?
  • 2 What happens in this room in waking life?
  • 3 How is the room furnished?
  • 4 Is it clean or disorganized?

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