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Dream meaning of River
Dream meaning of River
Bodies of water in dreams are usually a metaphor for waking life emotions
  • 1 if the river is clear and calm it may suggest that you are ""going with the flow""

  • 2 it may suggest that you are just floating by and you may need to take a more active role in your life

  • 3 crossing a river may represent an obstacle or issue that you need to deal with

  • 4 a muddy river may indicate you are experiencing some turmoil in life

  • 5 a raging or overflowing river may suggest you are feeling out of control or emotionally 

  • 6 if the tone is happy or enjoyable then it may signify you are ready to confront the twists and turns ahead of you

  • 7 may symbolize you are at peace

  • 8 if you are going ""up"" the river, you may be going against the wishes of others or their way of thinking

  • 9 if you are going down the river, you may be headed for open waters and easy sailing

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