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Dream meaning of Police car
Dream meaning of Police car
  • 1 Police in your dream may represent the law, rules, authority or control. They may be a reminder to you to curb your reckless behavior or to control your desires.

  • 2 Police may also represent your own sense of morality and your conscience, reminding you to stay on the right path.

  • 3 To call the police may be a call for help from yourself – you are recognizing you are in a potentially dangerous situation, physically or emotionally, and need help from family and friends or a doctor or therapist; or you may be calling on an inner strength or guide for assistance. If you can’t reach the police, you may not be recognizing or listening to your own inner guidance; or you may be feeling a lack of support from family and friends.

  • 4 Being chased by a police car suggests you may have a guilty conscience or a fear of being caught for something you did that you know was wrong. To be arrested suggests that your guilt may be overwhelming you and you are unable to take any further action – you want someone else to step in and stop you; or there is an aspect of yourself that is trying to prevent you from continuing what you are doing wrong.

  • 5 May be a pun on “Fuzz” symbolizing something or someone you think of as “fuzzy”, unclear or unsure of; or a pun on “Pig” symbolizing someone you think of as a pig or is piggish.

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