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Dream meaning of Numbers
Dream meaning of Numbers
  • 1 May symbolize finances and money.

  • 2 May represent when you were a specific age.

  • 3 May symbolize something that happened a certain number of years ago.

  • 4 May symbolize what you would like to happen in a certain number of years.

  • 5 May symbolize rational or analytical thinking.

  • 6 May represent a time, date, address or lucky number that is significant to you.

  • 7 May symbolize minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years in the past or future.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 A numbers game. (When numbers are used to represent "facts" in an argument to make people believe things that are not true.)
  • 2 To do a number on someone. (To treat someone badly or unfairly.)
  • 3 There is safety in numbers. (Being in a group reduces risk.)
Questions to ask yourself:
  • 1 What happened when I was the age represented by the number in my dream?
  • 2 What is the personal significance of the number to me?

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