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Dream meaning of Nude
Dream meaning of Nude
  • 1 Being naked or partially naked is a common dream theme. It may be a negative or a positive experience, depending upon how you feel about being naked in the dream.

  • 2 The clothes we wear in waking life help identify us – they represent how we want others to see us and they hide our imperfect bodies. When we aren’t wearing clothes we are stripped of our identity and others can see us as we really are.

  • 3 Dreaming of being naked can suggest you are feeling vulnerable or insecure. You may be afraid that you or your actions will be exposed to others. You may be feeling ashamed of yourself for something you said or did.

  • 4 The phrase, “the naked truth” comes to mind and so you may be “baring your soul” to someone or you are being open and honest with yourself about something. You may have revealed a secret about yourself to someone.

  • 5 If you are trying to hide your nakedness, consider asking yourself what it is you are hiding from yourself or others in waking life. What truth are you trying to deny?

  • 6 Being naked may also be symbolic of freedom, feeling uninhibited and true to yourself. You may feel comfortable with who you are and love acceptable yourself as you are.

  • 7 To see someone else naked suggests that you are seeing them as they really are. You may have discovered a secret about them or are accepting them as they are – imperfections and all. If they are hiding their nakedness from you then you may know they are lying or deceiving you in some way in waking life.

  • 8 To see someone else naked may also suggest that you find them sexually attractive and the dream is wish fulfillment.

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