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Dream meaning of Music
Dream meaning of Music
  • 1 Dreams about singing or hearing music or a song may be a way of expressing emotions. The lyrics or title may contain a message or advice you need to hear.

  • 2 Music and singing can be healing to the body, mind and soul.

  • 3 Consider the emotional tone of the music and the lyrics.

  • 4 Discordant music or music that is out of tune may represent unhappiness or a lack of harmony and trouble in a relationship.

  • 5 Music may represent an arrangement or making arrangements or plans.

  • 6 If you are a musician or poet, you should consider using what you hear to write a song waking reality.

  • 7 You might also consider the figures of speech that reference music: 1) music to my ears (news I am happy to hear) 2) face the music (deal with consequences of your actions) You may think of others that apply to the context of your dream.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 face the music (deal with consequences of your actions)
  • 2 music to my ears (news I am happy to hear)
Questions to ask yourself:
  • 1 Is the music pleasant and harmonious or discordant and disturbing?
  • 2 Consider the title or lyrics for a message.
  • 3 Consider the artist or composer.

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