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Dream meaning of Laptop
Dream meaning of Laptop
  • 1 Since computers and laptops are such an integral part of daily life in the 21st century, it’s not surprising that they should appear in your dream. Dreaming you are working on your computer or laptop may be job or work related and/or may indicate that you are spending too much time at your computer. It may suggest you have unfinished work to do.

  • 2 Playing a computer game may suggest you are playing some kind of game in waking life or you may in competition with someone. Perhaps you are playing too many computer games in waking life and/or you may be ‘practicing’ and learning how to play the game better. If the game ends, it may be that some aspect of your waking life is coming to an end.

  • 3 A computer may also represent being mechanical in your actions or unemotional.

  • 4 A computer virus may symbolize something that is bugging you in waking life; or you may be losing control of some aspect of your life.

  • 5 If you are computer illiterate or don’t own a computer or laptop, it may be suggesting you need to learn to live in today's modern world or be more open to new ideas. You may be stuck in some old way of thinking that doesn’t apply anymore.

  • 6 Dreaming of being on the Internet may represent your need or desire to connect and communicate with others; may symbolize knowledge or a desire or need to learn something new; may represent your social or professional network or connections.

  • 7 If you have lost your internet connection, there may be a miscommunication or a lack of communication between you and others; or you are otherwise unable to get your message across to someone.

  • 8 To read or receive an email message in a dream may represent a message from someone that you didn’t “get” in waking life and the dream is reiterating it for you; it may also be a message from your unconscious. In either case, the message in the email is important and should be heeded. You should also be sure to note the Sender of the email and consider replying or reaching out to them in waking life.

  • 9 Consider the figures of speech that may apply: 1) That does not compute. (That doesn’t add up; something is wrong) 2) fall in your lap (without any effort) 3) it's in your lap (it's right in front of you or within easy reach) 4) in the lap of luxury (you have enough money to live very comfortably) You may think of others that make sense in the context of your dream.
Possible puns, metaphors & archetypes:
  • 1 fall in your lap (without any effort)
  • 2 it's in your lap (it's right in front of you or within easy reach)
  • 3 in the lap of luxury (you have enough money to live very comfortably)

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