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Dream meaning of Handbag
Dream meaning of Handbag
  • 1 In waking life, your purse or wallet carries your means of identification, your license, your money, your credit cards and other possessions.

  • 2 In dreams, your purse or wallet may represent: 1) your ID 
    2) permission to do something 
    3) your finances 
    4) your credibility 
    5) possessions 

  • 3 A purse may also represent the womb or vagina

  • 4 Losing your purse or wallet in a dream may represent:
    1) a loss of self-identity. You may be going through a life changing event (i.e., getting fired, married or divorced) that is taking away a sense of your self-identity. 
    2) feeling restricted or unable to do something
    3) a financial loss
    4) a loss in your credibility or trustworthiness
    5) (the fear of) a loss of possessions; or something that was lost during the day
    6) feeling threatened or unprotected

  • 5 Losing your purse may also represent losing your virginity or fertility.

  • 6 Buying or finding a new purse or wallet may suggest you are undergoing changes -- a new you is emerging.

  • 7 Ask yourself:
    1) In my efforts to put everyone else first, am I in danger of losing my own identity?
    2) Am I allowing others to overshadow me or am I getting lost in the crowd?

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