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Dream meaning of Floor
Dream meaning of Floor
  • 1 The floor may represent your foundation or the basis for your beliefs; or your support system. It may represent how well you are grounded; or the separation of your conscious and unconscious.

  • 2 Something may have recently “floored” or surprised you; or perhaps you “floored it” while driving recently; or maybe you need to “take the floor” and speak your mind.

  • 3 The floor may also symbolize your understanding of something. A dirty floor may represent something is amiss with your understanding. A polished floor may suggest something that has been made to look better than it really is.

  • 4 Consider the qualities of what the floor is made of. Wood may be a pun on “would”; whereas if you describe it as wooden, it may be “wouldn’t”. Carpet may suggest you are padding or suppressing something – you don’t want to deal with the hard reality of a situation.

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