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Dream meaning of Firearm
Dream meaning of Firearm
  • 1 Dreaming of a gun may represent fear, anger or aggression; or may be a symbol of power or control.

  • 2 A gun dream may suggest that you feel you need to protect yourself or you are on the defensive.

  • 3 A gun may be a phallic symbol. A gun that misfires may symbolize impotence or feeling powerless.

  • 4 Dreaming of a revolver may be a metaphor for "going around in circles"; or it may be a metaphor for a "revolving" credit card.

  • 5 Hiding a handgun may indicate that you are repressing your anger.

  • 6 Holding a gun may suggest you are in danger of losing your temper or you may be trying to control or intimidate someone.

  • 7 Consider the following figures of speech that reference a gun:
    1. under the gun (under pressure due to a deadline)
    2. beat the gun (to finish before time is up)
    3. gun for someone (to seek someone in anger)
    4. jump the gun (take action too early)
    5. stick to your gun (don’t give up)
    6. a smoking gun (proof of guilt)
    7. he’s/she’s a pistol (someone that is likely to get into trouble due to their energetic exuberance and quick reactions)

    You may think of others in line with the context of your dream.

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