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Advanced Functional Materials:MOF Homogeneous deposition of lithium controlled by derived biconductive nano co-n-doped carbon materials

wallpapers News 2020-12-19

at present the rapid development of energy storage devices such as electric vehicles smart grid puts forward higher requirements for the energy density of batteries. Lithium metal anode is considered to be the most promising anode material for high specific energy batteries due to its high theoretical mass specific capacity (3860 MAH / g) low electrochemical redox potential (- 3.04 V vs. stard hydrogen electrode). However the practical application of metal lithium anode is seriously limited by its volume expansion dendrite growth in the cycle process as well as a series of problems such as efficiency reduction electrode pulverization even battery short circuit.

Professor Fan Lizhen's team of Beijing University of science technology reported a simple method to synthesize three-dimensional double conducting materials (hereinafter referred to as Co@N-G )It can control the nucleation of lithium uniformly realize the dendrite free lithium deposition / exfoliation process. such Co@N-G Because of its good lithium affinity rhombic dodecahedral nanoclusters can realize the uniform nucleation of lithium ions on its surface promote the uniform deposition of lithium inhibit the growth of dendrites. The mechanism of cobalt nanoparticles active nitrogen sites on the nucleation deposition behavior of lithium was discussed by first principles calculation experimental results. Relevant research results are published in advanced functional materials 2020 2000786 (DOI: 10.1002/adfm. 202000786).

in order to improve the energy density of the electrode as much as possible lightweight low-cost stable physical chemical properties of carbon materials are the current hot choice of lithium framework. However the lithium affinity of carbon materials is not good so it needs to be doped to improve the binding tendency of lithium carbon. In this work cobalt based metal organic framework precursor (zif-67) was synthesized in methanol solution at room temperature. After carbonization rhombic dodecahedral clusters (particle size about 350 nm) with cobalt nanoparticles uniformly distributed in nitrogen doped carbon layer were successfully prepared. There are several reasons for choosing such a system. 1) The synthesis process of zif-67 was carried out at room temperature atmospheric pressure. The process was simple rapid the preparation cost was low. 2) The prepared zif-67 has uniform particle size high dispersion goes through carbonization process. The morphology of rhombic dodecahedron is intact the cluster size changes little the stability is ideal at high temperature. 3) Zif-67 can easily introduce lithium hydrophilic CO n active sites on the carbon skeleton. On the one h zif-67 can effectively promote the free transport of lithium ions on the material surface. On the other h the conductivity after carbonization is greatly improved. The dual conductivity (ion / electron conductivity) can ensure the uniform nucleation deposition of lithium ions on the material surface. The authors have successfully designed a three-dimensional double conducting material with nano cobalt ions uniformly dispersed in the nitrogen doped graphitized carbon layer. Through theoretical calculation experimental results analysis it can be seen that due to the synergistic effect of CO N particles in the material the lithium affinity of carbon substrate is greatly improved. On the one h nanostructures can guide the uniform nucleation deposition of lithium ions on its surface on the other h they can reduce the local current density uniformly disperse the electron distribution thus further promoting the uniformity of lithium deposition process Sex. In addition it can keep the high conductivity of NCM at 90.2 cm after cycling.

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