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Five ways to clean bearings,Increase bearing life

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Most of the newly purchased bearings are coated with grease. These greases are mainly used to prevent bearings from rusting and do not play a role in lubrication. Bearings are particularly prone to contamination and dirt, and it is generally difficult to clean them thoroughly. Even if you buy a bearing without lubrication, it will absorb dust due to magnetic and airflow for a long time. Remixing sweat stains, water vapor, etc. in the bearings, between the balls, and the gaps to form a "dirt community," which is "fatal" for the rotation of the bearing.

If the bearing is used for a long time, it will be in contact with dust, oil, or water in the air, causing the bearing to dry and rust, which will affect the operation. At this time, bearing cleaning becomes very important.

The cleaning principle of the water treatment method: using water as a medium, through a special equipment system, the water is used to generate multi-beams, multi-angles, and high-intensity water jets with different strengths, and the scales, attachments, and blockages in the equipment to be cleaned are thoroughly cut. , Crushing, squeezing, scouring to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The principle of dry ice cleaning: The temperature of dry ice particles is extremely low, so it has unique thermodynamic properties. When the dry ice particles are impacted by the compressed air on the surface of the object to be cleaned, the dry ice quickly sublimates, and the volume expands by nearly 800 in a few thousandths of a second. Times. At the same time, heat exchange occurs with the surface of the part to be washed to achieve the purpose of cleaning the surface of the part.

Principle of ultrasonic cleaning method: Utilizing ultrasonic vibration with a frequency of tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of times, ultrasonic waves propagate in the liquid. When the energy is greater than 0.1W / Cm2. the liquid molecules are broken into cavities. Due to the increase of the surrounding pressure, The cavitation nucleus is crushed again. When the cavitation nucleus is broken, a huge shock wave is formed around it, releasing a huge amount of energy, thereby removing impurities from the object to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

Principle of chemical cleaning: use organic or inorganic cleaning agents to be added to the interface of the equipment to be cleaned, disperse and dissolve hardly soluble scale, oil, biological slime, etc., and react with chemical agents to form complexes or water-soluble Salt to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

The cleaning principle of the saturated steam method: Use the high temperature of saturated steam and high pressure to clean the oily dirt on the surface of parts, and vaporize it. At the same time, it can also clean any small gaps and holes, peel and remove oil stains and residues so as to achieve the requirements of high efficiency, water saving, cleanness, and drying.

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